Politics in Football, Should we denied?

In Football on Agustus 15, 2006 by nonblogs

As a football spectator, I think we know Arsenal, A Football Club in English Premiership League. The Club that supported by Fly Emirates, Airline Company that located in Middle East, try to promote their existence to Middle East fans, beside the money from sponsor mainly to build a new stadium that now named Emirates Stadium.

As a Moslem, I think we should proud that Moslem company became a sponsor an elite football club in English Premiership League, one of the best football leagues in the world. But Should we proud?

I suggest you have to visit this website. Here, you will now that the club that you adore currently becomes supporter of Country, which applied apartheid policy. The policies that are not allowed in every country in the world.

Arsenal has signed with Tourism Minister Avraham Hirschson that worth £350,000. And the £350,000 agreement makes Israel Arsenal’s “official and exclusive travel destination.” Israel will be featured on digital perimeter boards and 450 high-definition LCD screens at the stadium on game days.

What should we do? Here


2 Tanggapan to “Politics in Football, Should we denied?”

  1. Bukan penggemar Arsenal sih…
    but is this boycott thing is a wise act?

  2. Bukan penggemar Arsenal sih…
    but is this boycott thing is a wise act?

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